Een Stralend Verleden

A Radiant Past

Everything you need to know about nuclear energy

Humanity became enchanted by radioactivity and the amazing energy it releases: nuclear energy. While using it they learned that radioactivity can also seriously turn against them. Is nuclear energy safe? Sustainable? Affordable? Can nuclear energy help us overcome the climate crisis? This book provides facts and answers. And a unique collection of photographs of the Dutch atomic industry.

A Radiant Past will be published on 4 September 2020, This bilingual book (in Dutch and English) tells you everything you need to know about nuclear energy and unique photographs of the Dutch nuclear industry.

Available on this website. Order it here, the new book that answers your questions about nuclear energy.

A quote:
At that time, the Netherlands already had a small nuclear history. In 1939, the Ministry of War had bought ten thousand kilos of uranium oxide from the Belgian Congo, at the request of physicists from Leiden University. During the Second World War this yellow cake, as uranium oxide is nicknamed, was stored in wooden barrels in a basement at the Delft University of Technology The Germans would undoubtedly have robbed the scarce commodity for their own nuclear weapons programme, but they never found it.